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Empowering Mummas to Lead Fulfilling Lives Through Gaining Control Of Their Bodies With Powerful Self Care Habits

Imagine if you believed your health, your body and your energy was the most important thing in your families lives.

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Megan Brown is a proud strong #girlmum.

"It is incredibly important I show my girls that they have the power to change any situation you find yourself 'stuck in' with life. And, that amongst the busi-ness of life there is always time for self care. Sometimes you just need help finding it.

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Megan's mission is to empower Mummas with the knowledge that their bodies best years are ahead. I you're ready to take control of your life, join the movement and place your trust in Megan as your Women's Health & Motherhood Coach. With her guidance and support, you'll be able to lead a life filled with happiness, health, and empowerment.

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Here is what you will get 

The FitMum Method provides you with everything you need to acheive your goal in a family friendly way...

Clarity, Coaching & Accountability

Success looks different for every mum, we will get super clear on what that looks like for you. Each week you will have a check in form sent to you and 1-on-1 personalised video feedback delivered on Monday. You'll only focus on improving one habit at a time so you're never overwhelmed and always moving forward.

Nutrition Skills, Mindset & Habits

There is no use trying to separate food from emotion, instead I work with your emotional eating and make your emotions work for you. Through teaching you specific skills, mindsets and habits we will upgrade you along the way so whatever result you achieve is sustainable and you keep it. Did I say this process is going to benefit your whole family?

Health & Metabolism

Your health and energy levels are #1 and will never be sacrificed for short term gain whether that is weight loss or fat loss. We begin by assessing your metabolism through a scientifically validated assessment form. With that we will identify the one thing you need to improve to move your health, energy & body shape forward.

Safe & Effective Strength Programming

With more than 10 years experience as a Qualified Personal Trainer working with Mums, having two babies myself and training through pregnancy and postpartum I have the skills and knowledge to keep you moving through any situation. I offer unlimited program revisions to all my Mummas for this reason so even through pregnancy, injury, travel or anything else you are covered.

More from Coach Megan

My experience of being a mother of two children and trying to do it all, eventually led to me to neglecting my own health...

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Megan co-authored The FitFam Cookbook: 52 Quick, Affordable, and Delicious Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

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And, let me help you get out of your own way. By the age of 12 we spend 75% of the time we will spend with our children in their lives. The time is now to look, feel and function your best!

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