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You'll get results, we guarantee it or your money back!

If you follow the program step by step and complete everything that is asked of you within 30 days and can honestly say you're not happy with the results we will return your money - no questions asked.

That's how confident we are that you'll see & feel results within the first month of your purchase!


Every one of our courses is designed using our patented implementation & habit creation framework designed after teaching and coaching nutrition & exercise with hundreds of clients over the past 14 years.

Most people learn effectively when they are taught something simple, asked to implement something small and given feedback by a coach on that small change. 

None of our courses are rocket science but they are extremely effective because of that fact.

#MotivatedMumma is the first course in The FMM series because unless you are highly motivated and know exactly why you want to transform your body and improve your habit - you won't.

In this course we help you dig deep into the beliefs you have about yourself & the stories you tell so you can get clear on exactly why you want a body that looks great, feels amazing and bursts with energy.

If you dig deep enough here, you'll never need someone to motivate you again!

#MetabolicMumma is the second course in The FMM series because unless you focus on improving your metabolism, you will always have to diet and challenge yourself with exercise to stay in great shape.

"I can eat before bed?!" - Yes, in fact you should. Eating the right combination of food before bed will powerfully shift your hormones away from stress and give your body the building blocks it needs to repair before the next day.

In this course we'll teach you what to eat & do before be to to improve your metabolism, re-balance your hormones and make getting results & keeping them significantly easier!

#HealthyMumma is the third course in The FMM series and in this course we shed a whole new light on nutrition.

You'll learn how to cut the time you spend in the kitchen down by more than half and 3x the amount of fast delicious and nutritious food you make in that time.

We'll show you how and why involving the family in the process is so important. You'll learn how to stay in total control of what you're eating without following restrictive rules or constantly tracking what you eat. And, yess! You can eat carbs!

#StrongMumma is the fourth course in The FMM series and in this course we'll show you how to build the best body you've ever had, even better than the one you had before babies.

And if you thought that was a bold claim, there's more. 

We'll show you the exact exercises to perform, in the order and number of sets & reps so you can achieve your best body ever in under 2 hours at the gym each week. 

#LeanMumma is the fifth & last course in The FMM series and in this course we'll teach you how to systematically increase the food you eat so you can supercharge your metabolism.

This course isn't for every Mumma, most will be happy with the results that the first four courses provide but for the Mumma's who are proud of what their body did for them during pregnancy & childbirth BUT want their body to look absolutely amazing this is the course for you.

You'll learn the macro secrets and portioning hacks that will allow you to get into fitness model shape without obsessing over every gram of food you eat.

For a limited time you can gain access to the entire FitMum Method Membership Zone

  • Get Every Single FitMum Course: full of content, guides, PDFs, and assignments for you to become a FitMum in no time.

  • Family Friendly Recipe Library: The thing we always found hard was finding recipes we could easily make in bulk for a family of 4. All of our recipes are super easy, cheap and extremely delicious. The whole family will love them.

  • Family Friendly Meal Plans: We'll make it even easier for you to get started with our Quick Start Meal Plans so you can waste no time and get the best result as quickly as possible.

  • Professional Coaching Exercise Library: Have us in your pocket at the gym or at home showing you how to set up & perform every exercise safely and effectively. We also have videos on common errors for each exercise and how to evolve the exercise to make it even harder so all your needs are met.

  • 6 Month Rapid Body Shaping Exercise Program: We'll give you our most successful exercise program for Mum's wanting to change their body shape fast! This program has been rigorously tested on hundreds of clients and even studied as part of a PhD at Victoria University.

  • No Access To A Gym? No problem, whilst home workouts aren't the most effective we have your back with the most effective way to train at home. We have you covered with body weight workouts and suspension trainer workouts.

  • The FitMum Method App Access for 6 Months: Track & keep yourself accountable to the habits and routines you build with our purpose built transformation app for FitMum's

  • Got Questions Before You Buy?

    > What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

    We will refund you within 3 days of your purchase if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase.

    > Do I need to complete the tasks in a certain amount of time?

    No. The lessons and action items in this course are timeless and are designed to be applied over time with a focus on consistency over perfection. There is no pressure like that which is often found in many short term challenges. You have lifetime access.

    > I don't have much time, how much will I realistically need?

    The entire method and courses have this in mind, everything from the 15 minute repair ritual you build to repair your metabolism to the nutrition rhythm that saves you time in the kitchen and even the exercise program that rapidly changes your body shape in an hour per week is designed to make you super efficient with the little time you have as a Mum.

    > I'm pregnant, I have young babies, and/or I'm not quite ready to start yet. What do I do?

    We have had Mum's start following our method at 20 weeks pregnant, with 2 kids, 4 kids, 6 kids. Every client we have taught this information to who has started from a place of adversity or struggle and has been open to the information, patient with themselves and consistent in implementing the actions we prescribe has not regretted their decision. It can be scary, intimidating and overwhelming to begin but it's through that adversity you grow and transform into a better version of yourself.

    > My kids are fussy eaters (so is Dad) will I have to cook for myself and my family?

    The entire method and courses have this in mind, everything from the 15 minute repair ritual you build to repair your metabolism to the nutrition rhythm that saves you time in the kitchen and even the exercise program that rapidly changes your body shape in an hour per week is designed to make you super efficient with the little time you have as a Mum.

    > I already know what to eat and how to exercise, what else could you possibly teach me?

    That's great that you already have the knowledge there, however, as time goes on certain tactics don't work as well any more. Like for example eating salads and cardio-ing every day. That will work for you when you're in your 20s before babies but will stop working for you after babies. Your life situation, relationships and even your physiology (hormones & metabolism) will change over time. This course isn't about teaching you what to eat, what not to eat and what exercises are good and which ones are bad. It's focused on the 'doing' element and the 'How Do I Take What I Know & Best Implement It' without it getting in the way of being a Mum, a Wife and without imparting disordered eating and exercise behaviors onto your kids.

    > I'm sold, take my money. What next?

    Use the checkout form below to secure this lifetime access offer before the timer runs out. Once it runs out you will have to pay for the course access annually. We have a very active coaching program to back up this course which means we are constantly having conversations in real time with Mums who are using our method.

    This means we constantly updated the course with new content based on our clients experiences. The most cost effective way to make your lifestyle change a permanent one is to take the Lifetime Deal and stay interactive in the course and our communities. Once you purchase the course below you will gain access to your members portal and will be able to login and get started.

  • Coach Peter & Megan Brown, Metabolic Nutritionists 

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